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Cookies & Creme Protein Wafer Bar

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Rich satisfying cookie crunch, its a cookie lover's dream
Your favorite childhood treat, without all the ADDED SUGARS
All day amino acid supply, Whey & Milk Protein blend
• Creamy & Keto Friendly , only 3-4g NET CARBS per bar
• We use 0 cal & 0 GI sweetners to avoid blood sugar spikes
• NO corn syrup, sucralose, maltitol, dates, honey or jaggery
Crunchy gluten-free whole grain wafer
NO transfat or hydrogenated fats in here Diabetic friendly treats

What type of Proteins do you use to make Protein Wafer Bars?

We use only premium whey protein and milk protein to make our wafer bars. Whey and Milk protein contain all of the essential amino acids our body needs to build and maintain muscle growth. We do not use any cheap protein sources like soy protein.

What sweeteners do you use to make Protein Wafer Bars?

We use a proprietary blend of stevia and erythritol to make our irresistible protein snacks. Both of these sweeteners are natural and are 0 calories. They are also 0 glycemic index which means they don't spike your blood glucose levels. We don't use any artificial sweeteners or added sugars like sucralose , maltitol , dates , honey , liquid glucose , corn syrup , jaggery etc.

How come your Protein wafer bars are so tasty , are they really healthy?

Yes ! They are really healthy and you can have them anywhere , anytime without any guilt. After multiple hard trials and careful ingredient selection , we made sure we use only superior ingredients which provide metabolic benefits to make our protein snacks. We don't use any soy protein or added sugars like dates, jaggery and honey which spike insulin.

I am on my weight loss journey and consume less carbs. Is this snack for me ?

Yes absolutely! Our bars are mostly filled with protein and fibre , which helps you in your weight loss journey and helps to keep you full and feed your muscles. Our bars contain only 3-4g of Net Carbs per bar which makes it a good low-carb snack. With only 3-4g of net carbs per bar , our bars are also keto friendly and are suitable for any diet.


Can I consume a Protein wafer bar even if I am not exercising?

Yes ! You can consume protein wafer bars even if you are not exercising. It helps to meet your daily protein and fibre needs. They help with your sugar cravings. You can also use it as a good source of sustained energy , if you are always on the move. It is a perfect anywhere , anytime portable snack to  fulfil your macronutrient content.


Can the protein wafer bar be used as a meal replacement snack?

Yes ! You can eat the protein wafer bar as a quick meal replacement snack , you can have it for breakfast , as a snack in between meals , lunch or dinner time to meet your protein and fibre needs. With that being said, consuming whole meals for your lunch and dinner is more desirable along with our protein snacks.

Who can have protein wafer bars?

  1. Anyone and everyone who wants to snack healthy.

  2. People who are always on the go , and want to meet their protein and fibre intake

  3. Diabetic friendly.

  4. Support your weight loss journey.

  5. To satisfy your sweet-tooth.

  6. Fuel your workouts , runs , sport activities and yoga sessions.

Ratings & Reviews

  • Priyanka

    1 year ago

    Tried these bars ! They are so good ! It helps me with my protein intake and cures my sweet tooth.

  • Rajath

    1 year ago

    India’s first protein wafer bar ! I had to try it - to see what it's all about. Definitely worth the hype! No soy protein nor added sugars and tastes like magic !

  • Hrushikesh

    1 year ago

    No After Taste , easy to chew and it's so creamy - which is so unlike other bars ! I can't believe this is a protein bar. Snactivate has nailed it! I recommend it!!

  • Shilpa

    1 year ago

    The wafer is very crunchy and is also gluten-free , that's definitely a plus. I had this for breakfast and it kept me full for 3 hrs easily. Does not feel heavy at all - my current favourite healthy snack for sure.


    1 year ago

    The snack is easy to digest as advertised. Took this snack with me for my regular cycle rides and I had enough energy for my whole 60km ride. Also with 10 grams of protein it also helps with my protein consumption. My cycle friends loved it as well

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